West Virginia Roads - US 33/119

US 33 and US 33/119

WB (US 119 SB) across the Little Kanawha River leaving downtown Glenville and continuing west toward the routes' split.

In Glenville, courtesy H.B. Elkins. WV 5 leads to I-79 Exit 79 in Burnsville.

US 33 WB/US 119 SB into Glenville.

Fun facts in Weston. To see the building itself, check out Weston at the link at bottom.

US 33/119 cross this old stone bridge to head out of town. (West/South respectively are to the right, from their multiplex with US 19 SB.)

US 33/119 EB/NB at US 19 in central Weston and on to I-79.


EB/NB to Buckhannon and the end of the US 33/119 duplex.

Whether fractional, county, state, or US, those shields are on button copy. Whether LGS, BGS, or gore sign, those signs have button copy. These are all westbound heading toward Buckhannon. County Routes are really more properly classified as state secondary routes, but numbers do reset across county lines. Non-fractional County Routes were originally intended to be more important than the fractional ones, but not up to being primary routes. It's all moot from the state's point of view, because they maintain everything.

Eastbound button copy; WB has a similar one for CR 151 (not really a county route, just a state-maintained route with county numbering) but I missed it.

Historical marker in Elkins on US 33 WB/US 219/250 NB, and their reverse directions.

US 33/WV 55 WB in the Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area.

Still farther east, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

US 250 and US 33/250
Onto US 119 alone

Into Ohio on US 33
Into Virginia on US 33
See more of Weston
Onto US 19
Onto I-79
Onto WV 20
Onto SR 13 (Morton Ave.)
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