West Virginia Roads - US 250/US 33

US 250 and US 33/250

NB and SB in Elkins with US 219, and WB and EB on US 33 at the same time.

An ugly US 33 shield and some blurry button copy with a US 250 fractional route are the features on the part of US 33 WB built as part of the Corridor H project, shared briefly by US 250 NB. US 33/250 used to use a more southerly route into Elkins, but were rerouted on the Corridor H freeway from there to Laurel Mountain Rd. and replaced by WV 92, for reasons I don't understand. That Corridor H expressway continues on US 219.

Now a part of Business US 250, this is nevertheless still the only covered bridge on the US Highway system. These photos head south, except the first one is actually on the south/east side of the bridge.

One NB photo and a corresponding video.

Looking south from the bridge along the Tygart River.

Old signs where US 250 and US 50 split in Pruntytown, and a fake sign trying to tag along below the second one. I normally lobby for old signs to be left intact, but please remove that US 250 abomination.

Embossed historical sign in Fairmont, courtesy Matt Kleiman. This is named for a Tuskegee Airman, so show some respect.

WV 2 south of Weirton and US 250/WV 2
I-70 and US 250/I-70/US 40
US 40 and US 250/40 on Wheeling Island
Onto US 33 alone

Into Virginia on US 250
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