West Virginia Roads - US 219

US 219

NB entering the state from Virginia and then the SB face of the diamond sign.

Continuing north, looking for tequila.

All of these photos came from a single shot at Monroe County Courthouse in Union. I didn't even realize William Miles snuck in.

A bunch more northbound historic signs mixed with state-name shields in Lewisburg.

Green numerals on a SB sign, a lot of letters on the NB signs.

Continuing north, Droop Hill was the site of the last Civil War battle in WV.

NB to the junction with WV 39 and WV 55, the latter of which will join US 219 until Elkins.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, Randolph SR 46 leaving Upshur County (as SR 11) and connecting WV 20 to US 219 - and to US 250, WV 55, and WV 92. There's a 20 shield near the first sign (pointing WB), so where are the 250, 55, and 92 shields at the second sign?

After spending time with WV 55, WV 92, and US 250, US 219 gets a chance to breathe for all of 10 seconds as it turns onto the Corridor H entrance ramp. In 2013, Corridor H was just numbered US 219 at this point (and US 33/250 to the west), but it's now US 48 as well.

US 219 NB comes down off the future US 48 EB "freeway" at Clifton Run Rd. and crosses under unopened Corridor H bridges. Once US 48/219 are complete east through the mountains toward the other constructed section along WV 55, this will just be a local exit to Kerens. They will only be a "freeway" in the West Virginia sense, with grade crossings but no traffic signals or private access.
SB at the same US 48 bridges from the same SR 7 connector road. In the last photo, you can see a diamond warning sign for the left turn to the Kerens interchange. By the time US 48 WB/US 219 SB are open, that sign will be weathered to the point of replacement.

Skipping the WV 55, WV 92, and US 48 concurrencies, here is a representative of West Virginia historic signs, NB and SB. Some embossed black-on-white signs are new, while others date back as far as 1964.

Another representative heading NB into Parsons, where US 219 NB/WV 72 SB are to the right and WV 72 NB is straight ahead. The tower belongs to the Tucker County Courthouse.

Heading south from WV 32 and Blackwater Falls, windmills threaten in the distance. Luckily, the threat passes over the horizon, and in a few miles you rise over a hill and come upon the following reassuring sight:

Yikes! US 219 SB needs a Windmill Ahead sign, because this really sneaks up on you and can be a scary experience. Stretching off to the right are more windmills, the same ones one sees from afar in the two photos above:

US 219 NB past the falls area to WV 24, which stays in WV as it heads northwest toward US 50. US 219 soon enters Maryland and is unquestionably the better route to US 50 EB, which other shields at this intersection make clear. The old way of thinking was apparently to keep traffic in WV longer.

WV 55 and US 219/WV 55
WV 92 and US 219/250/WV 55/92
Onto US 48 and US 219/48
WV 72 and US 219/WV 72

Into Maryland on US 219
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