West Virginia Roads - US 219/WV 72

US 219 and 219/WV 72

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, Randolph SR 46 leaving Upshur County (as SR 11) and connecting WV 20 to US 219 - and US 250, WV 55, and WV 92. There's a 20 shield near the first sign (pointing WB), so where are the 250, 55, and 92 shields at the second sign?

SB at the bridges that will carry the US 219 freeway rise over the current surface road. The US 219 "freeway" will only be one in the West Virginia sense, and will have grade crossings, but no traffic signals or private access. Corridor H continues east through the mountains to the other constructed section along WV 55, and work is underway to connect the two.

Looking northeastward at the stubs of the US 219 freeway, part of the mountain already carved away, awaiting further destruction. The construction is progressing from the WV 55 end, and obviously not from this end, as nothing has been done as of 2013. Seeing the "Do Not Enter" over a "Watch for ICE on Bridge" sign makes me wonder just why WVDOH would fabricate and erect signs on a highway with no definite timetable. It's easy to procure signs, and they also weather easily.

SB views of the then-newly opened Corridor H highway (2002), showing how much of the hills had to be cut away to stick a wide and modern road in.

US 33 does not go south. In fact, the best way to sign this would first be "Junction {33} {250} 1 MILE" and then "East {33} South {250}{219} MILE." The "freeway" continues past this exit as US 33 and US 250; follow the US 33 link at the bottom of the page to see the southwestern end of Corridor H.

A representative of West Virginia historic signs, NB and SB - some embossed black-on-white signs are new, others date back as far as 1964.

Another representative heading NB into Parsons, where US 219 NB/WV 72 SB are to the right and WV 72 NB is straight ahead. The tower belongs to the Tucker County Courthouse.

Some more angles of the unique building.

Former railroad truss on the south side of US 219/WV 72 (219 NB/72 SB is heading roughly east, for reference) across Shavers Fork, which is about to become the Cheat River.

Older shields, now gone.

Heading south from WV 32 and Blackwater Falls, windmills threaten in the distance. Luckily, the threat passes over the horizon, and in a few miles you rise over a hill and come upon the following reassuring sight:

Yikes! US 219 SB needs a Windmill Ahead sign, because this really sneaks up on you and can be a scary experience. Stretching off to the right are more windmills, the same ones one sees from afar in the two photos above:

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