West Virginia Roads - Sycamore St., Clarksburg

Sycamore Street, Clarksburg

Before I get to the concrete, here's some old metal, on Mulberry Ave. WB.

Intrigue #1: There's this weird road heading west uphill from Sycamore St. next to Baltimore Ave., still traversable as a single concrete lane. It may have once connected through to Coleman Ave. to the west, but I'm pretty sure it only ever was a driveway.

Whatever this is, that's what the driveway was for.

Coming back down the hill, it appears that this old driveway is an ideal place to park. Okay, then, let's do that.

Intrigue #2: This is the old Sycamore St. bridge over Elk Creek, on the west side of the current bridge, looking south from Baltimore Ave. It's just an old municipal bridge, but no telling how old.

Looking west along Elk Creek and back north at the driveway (back left; Baltimore Ave. is the cross street). There appears to be another interesting structure in the background.

Intrigue #3: that old railroad bridge, clearly built at the same time as the ancient US 50 freeway through downtown.

A southward look at the bridge. US 50 may run right next to Sycamore St., but Sycamore was never an old alignment - that job is filled by modern WV 20.

Bonus bridge plaque, stuck in the northwest wall.

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