West Virginia Roads - Old WV 55

Former WV 55, Hardy County

The first distance sign heading east from US 220 and an early reminder that WVDOH has been slow to check its signs. This section of WV 55 was bypassed by West Virginia's newest expressway (they insist it's a freeway but it has grade crossings) in 2003 and the photo was taken in 2013.

More now-errors EB, and WB at Spring Ave. in Moorefield.

EB at the next interchange east, this sign is great, except the rest of US 48 wasn't yet signed in 2013; I left the lone WV 55 shield in the background as evidence.

The bird trees are only just blooming in March.

What was still WV 55 WB in 2006 at the one segment of US 48 that was already open, multiplexed with WV 259 SB.

WV 29 SB used to end here at WV 55. It still ends at WV 55 by turning right to the US 48/WV 55 interchange where WV 259 hops off. Not only are these shields jumping the gun on US 48, they're ignoring WV 55. If there was ever a place to leave old signs in the field...

EB under towering US 48 bridges in McCauley, then looking south on Baughman Settlement Rd. (SR 23/7) over the Lost River, so named because it gets narrower as it runs and actually ducks underground for a bit.

WB past the same bridges in 2006. Corridor H follows the ridgeline, avoiding houses but ruining the mountains.

EB (2 photos) and WB at the Cacapon River bridge. The Cacapon is the reemergence of the Lost River. Did the namers not realize it was the same?

Heading west on still-WV 55 in 2006, more towering bridges take future US 48/Corridor H over the route it's slowly replacing.

The bridge is still impressive after US 48 has opened, heading east and then looking south.

Before the MUTCD came up with one, West Virginia used a graphical school bus stop sign that took me awhile to understand. Nah, it didn't. I like.

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