West Virginia/Ohio Roads - WV/OH 807

WV/OH 807, Hi Carpenter Memorial Bridge

Ohio takes its side of the bridge very seriously, posting Begin and End signs mere feet away from each other. Although the state line is in the middle of the truss, the first sign doesn't come until well after it, and from there it's just a loop around and down to OH 7 to end. The strangest part of the situation is the concept that this is South. The bridge heads northwest from WV 2, then the approach loops around to the southeast. Really, any way they sign the route will be wrong somewhere, which begs the question why it needs to be signed at all. But if you were to post shields like this (which is okay), and if you really wanted to assign a direction (which is questionable)... how about East? At least that way, EB would end with OH 7 NB to the left and SB to the right. I still think this should be North, though.

Looking actually south from the approach to OH 7. Right here, "South" does apply to OH 807.

OH 807 what-we'll-call northbound.

WV wisely doesn't sign 807 on its side of the river, calling it "To OH 7." So I'll use my judgment and call this WV 807 EB across the river, since I really don't want to have two Souths in opposite directions.

WB signs up to the foot of the 1977 bridge. The second sign snuck into my photo, so you can have it.

Click for a video heading back into Ohio, whatever direction you wish to call it.

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