West Virginia Roads - I-81

All southbound photos courtesy Lou Corsaro. Northbound ones, including the shield above, are mine.

These two northbound BGS's are not out of order. The first is old-style West Virginia button copy, now all gone. The second is not button copy, but it is a Maryland exit advance done to WVDOT standards since it's on their side of the line. The 1-mile advance is in Maryland.

All SB, finishing up with a WVDOT-standard sign that is clearly for a Virginia route. I don't see how WV put together a circle (even if VA doesn't use the wide circles for its three and four digit routes) but couldn't find a US 11 shield.

Into Virginia on I-81
Into Maryland on I-81
VA Exit 323 to US 11
Exit 5 to WV 51
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