West Virginia Roads - I-79

While most 1 and 2 digit state routes are primary, here's a secondary (technically a county route because they usually reset at county borders) at I-79 Exit 5 at the end of WV 114, courtesy H.B. Elkins.

I-79 NB toward Morgantown, now a "high-tech corridor" in an example of economic wishful thinking. The arch bridge is for River Rd. southwest of Granville.

The relatively new arch for WV 273, the Fairmont Gateway connector. It's now Exit 136, but at the time this photo was taken, it wasn't anything, which is why there's room on the gantry next to the Exit 135 advance sign. The connector was open for several months prior to the Morgantown Road Meet in June 2011, but not the I-79 interchange.

Both SB, the first sign is missing a SR 33 shield on top. so what's missing from the second sign? My guess is "Grafton," and that WVDOH responded too quickly to the MUTCD warning against having a street name and a destination on the same sign. Many states have ignored that national mandate, recognizing that sometimes that's the most effective way to get information across. It certainly would have been in this case.

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