West Virginia Roads - I-70/US 40/US 250 WB/NB

and 70/US 40 WB/US 250 NB

Just because it's a funding sign and not a guide sign doesn't excuse the display of I-70 as a fractional county route - the only worse insult would be using the little house outline for state-maintained former private roads.

Exit 2A runs straight into Mount DeChantal Rd., which has the sign in the last photo where it meets US 40. (And you thought the exit was for WV 88.)

It's very hard to see pavement shields before one drives over them, so I was lucky there are two approaching the Wheeling Tunnel.

The last photo is up on the Exit 1B ramp.

That's right, WV uses an Exit 0 between MP 0 and 1. It's even button copy. Except for the first and last signs in this run, they are all on US 250 NB. US 40 jumps in for 5 of the last 6 (excluding the very last one).

Fast forward to 2013, minus the button copy, but you can click to drive that whole stretch at sunset, which is almost as nice.

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