West Virginia Roads - I-70/US 40/US 250 EB/SB

and 70/US 40 EB/US 250 SB

US 40 EB/US 250 SB come onto the bridge at Exit 0, so they see the last three photos in this run (the first one is on Fort Henry Bridge).

The signage looked a little different in 2009; see if you can spot the difference here (hint: left sign). There must have been prior construction, because I saw no reason to use Exit 1A and go through Wheeling to get to US 250/WV 2 SB when Exit 1B was open and perfectly serviceable.

I-70 drops down to one EB lane through this interchange, just like the WB side on the west end of the Wheeling Tunnel. It probably has something to do with tunnel sight distance and possibly approach width precluding the use of a standard deceleration lane. It's not the only location on the Interstate system where a freeway drops to one lane.

Heading south from US 40 on Mt. Dechantal Rd. at the Exit 2A EB onramp. "PA" would be preferred to "Pa."

More signs, on down the Exit 4 ramp. Exits 2A and 4, both signed for WV 88, are really also both for US 40, which parallels I-70 across the country.

Finishing the signage run on down the Exit 5 ramp.

This button copy was made by Pennsylvania, but it's very much on this side of the border.

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