West Virginia Roads - I-64/US 52/US 119

I-64, , I-64/US 119

Click for I-64 eastbound (US 52/119 northbound) photos

What I was able to get while traveling eastward of WB signage toward Kentucky.

I-64 WB and US 119 SB across the Kanawha River from Charleston, with a view to the north of the next railroad and (obscured) road bridges downstream. The green truss in the background carries US 60.

Two WB photos courtesy Scott Colbert. Exit 150 shows off one of WV's fractional routes (this is WV 29's 4th fractional). They're state secondary roads (as are anything in a circle); there exist triangle ("delta") and pentagon ("House Access Road Program") routes as well for glorified driveways, which could be considered tertiary. Overall, WV maintains a higher percentage of its roads than any other state - around 97%!

All remaining photos on side roads are courtesy H.B. Elkins.

The contractor forgot whether it was primary or secondary, so hedged his bet? Off I-64 Exit 8.

Opposite sides of the same gantry, with the second photo being shot from the I-64 EB offramp. Yes, WV 152 and WV 527 do become each other at this point. WV 152 is the former routing of US 52, and WV 527 is a continuation of OH 527, which also happens to be former US 52. Pick one, WVDOH!

This is on WV 16 NB, multiplexed with WV 97 EB but the latter ends at I-64/I-77.

I-64 and 64/US 52 EB
Exit 1 to US 52 alone
Onto US 119 alone

Into Kentucky on I-64
Into Virginia on I-64
Exit 191 to US 23 (KY)
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