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WV uses circles for secondary ("county") routes and pentagons for roads that serve as glorified driveways. So what's a triangle? It's known as a "delta road," a road not under state jurisdiction but eligible for state maintenance as an important route, such as for mail trucks or school buses. They make up less than 1% of the state highway mileage, which is why it's so rare to spot a shield. This one is on WV 27 EB, and predates the state conversion to black numbers on a white background, so it's entirely possible this is now a secondary route.

New River Gorge Bridge Day, 2009
6/18/11 Morgantown Road Meet
US 11
US 19
US 22
US 30
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US 119
US 219
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Monongalia SR 39
Monongalia SR 857
Upshur SR 13

Dents Run Covered Bridge
Market St. and Fort Steuben Bridges, Weirton
Sycamore Street, Clarksburg

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Looking west along the New River from WV 16.

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