Wisconsin Roads - WIS 97

WIS 97

WIS 97 ends here. WIS 13 SB and the Wis Rapids (how about WI Rapids?) arrow were straight ahead until just before I got here in 2011, but WIS 13 was just rerouted down Veterans Parkway to US 10. Straight ahead still led to WIS 13 SB, but only until the rest of the US 10 expressway opened, at which point WIS 13 was rerouted that way over WIS 34 to get to Wisconsin Rapids. It's probably a little faster now with all the expressway mileage, but the old route via WIS 73 was a shorter distance. The reroute also spelled the demise of Business WIS 13 less than two years after it was created, so this actually counts as a historical photo at a rare moment.

Old signals in the median and to the right facing NB at Arnold St. in Marshfield. This was once where WIS 13 NB turned left, with WIS 97 beginning straight ahead in the second photo.

WIS 97 NB at the second CTH AAA I've encountered. There's no reason to ever have more than 2 letters.

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