Wisconsin Roads - WIS 52

WIS 52

Sunrise, Wausau.

Playing some letter bingo, EB. CTH I is always supposed to come serifed like this so that it's not confused with a 1. Missouri just skips I as a rule, which is somewhat easier. I find the wording of "Right turn no stop" very awkward, not even good English. That's why "Except right turn" won out in the MUTCD.

Same bingo, WB. (It's really a BS game, though.)

EB across the Wolf River, nearing WIS 55.

WB across the river and looking south at where it meets Lily River.

Fall colors and old signs always mix well, EB.

Whether EB old or WB new, Wisconsin has long hated cutting out any of its shields. This is Connors Drive in Nicolet National Forest.

WIS 52 EB ends at the Red Arrow Route. I made that up, but it would be a neat colloquialism if locals read this and start using it. (You're reading this, and you're a local of wherever you are, so it's plausible.) My WIS 32 page linked below is like Clarissa, because it explains it all.

US 45 and WIS 52/US 45

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