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and WIS 32/54

WIS 32 is the 32nd Division Memorial Highway, which has nothing to do with red arrows. Actually, no, it has everything to do with them, because that's the logo of the 32nd Infantry Brigade. Out of honor to them, every single WIS 32 sign must be manufactured with the arrows. I've never seen an example without, like trying to find a 1922 cent without a Denver mint mark.

See what I mean? In this NB progression along I-43, there's a strange unisign assembly (they're usually black, so a white background shield is an oddity), a separate Circle Tour assembly with 32 by itself, and then a detour assembly for the closed Exit 113, and in all three cases the WIS 32 shield has those arrows. It's quite notable that a detour shield has the arrows, when most contractors have trouble even figuring out what type of route they're detouring.

WIS 32/54 is closed (here facing NB/WB) at US 41 in Green Bay for overpass reconstruction and the installation of traffic-choking roundabouts in a location that really warrants traffic signals. Anyway, here's some of the construction as the entire roadway is reconfigured, forcing me onto the frontage road.

I get one chance to cross the road in the middle of the work zone, so here I look back east at one of the roundabouts going in, and I die a little inside.

Go ahead, figure out what's part of a unisign and what's not. I'll tell you the "West" is, for a head start.

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