Wisconsin Roads - WIS 30

One-piece signs at and down the ramp from Aberg Ave. just as WIS 30 begins.

WIS 30 is simply a short connector freeway extending I-94 westward from where it meets I-39/90 into Madison, and it ends WB here at US 151 (as the advance sign warns), courtesy Scott Colbert. There's no more button copy here now.

T is for Thompson (OK, sometimes WisDOT does that, but usually not). These are EB at CTH (County Trunk Highway) T; "COUNTY" only appears at the top of the sign when it's a standalone shield, kind of like how Maryland does state shields. The second photo is courtesy Scott Colbert.

I-39 is a newcomer this far north, having been extended out of Illinois and up the US 51 freeway to Wausau, so it doesn't get to join in the unisign fun with I-90 and I-94. These assemblies are at the Fair Oaks Ave. exit.

Delafield Rd. EB, former WIS 30 east of Madison, courtesy Chris Tarr. This shield likely is from before I-94 was complete as a freeway, and this part of WIS 30 doubled as a temporary I-94 connector.

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