Wisconsin Roads - WIS 29

WIS 29

Stewart Ave., former WIS 29, heading west out of Wausau.

Modern WIS 29 heading back east from there, with old WIS 29 (Packer Dr.) showing up around MP 160. The Exit 164B sign seems to be making room for the future addition of I-39, once US 51 construction is complete around Wausau.

Back down to the surface again, Stewart Ave. EB until it ends at 18th Ave. Not everything needs its own shield.

The left and right sides of Stewart Ave. WB at the end of WIS 52. WIS 52 may technically end here because all that's to the left are interchange ramps off of WIS 29, or it may technically end at the end of those ramps, but I have no problem with it not being signed to the left in either case. Click on the second photo for a closeup of the cracked shield with a WisDOT warning on the bottom.

The back of the old WIS 29 shield that you should have clicked for closeup, showing that it dates to 1990. Back when Stewart Ave. was still WIS 29, there was no intersection here, and WIS 52 ended downtown at Business US 51 (at one point actual 51).

Shawano Ave., WIS 29, WB leaving Green Bay. It picks up north WIS 32 heading straight from here back toward Wausau. If you're wondering about the red marks on the WIS 32 shield, check the 32 page link below for the explanation.

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