Wisconsin Roads - WIS 13/US 10

WIS 13 and 13/US 10

SB at the end of the route in Wisconsin Dells. If this photo looks unlikely to have been taken recently, that's because it's from 1986, courtesy Michael Summa. Don't expect to find state-name shields so easily, especially with the original specifications.

Two more Michael Summa photos from 1986, NB after having left I-90/94 and right before WIS 13 intersects US 12, with WIS 16 to the left and WIS 23 to the right joining 13 through the Dells (which still have about that population, though a heck of a lot more tourist traffic). I never knew Wisconsin used cut-corner numerals until I saw this photo.

Jumping up to Marshfield, these October 2011 photos from the Wausau Road Meet look south on Veterans Parkway, a new route for WIS 13 to get into the city from US 10. Once Veterans Parkway opened, WIS 13 was shifted from its old alignment due south of the city to instead head east on US 10 and then south on WIS 34. I believe WIS 80 was extended north over the former 13, so I really don't know what the change accomplished.

Heading north on half-complete Veterans Pkwy. from there. Actually, this part of the road was always here as CTH A, down to the curve in the background, but the future SB lanes that are carrying traffic in October 2011 are brand-new, while the old CTH A roadway is being reconstructed to the right in concrete.

One look back at Veterans Pkwy. construction and the concrete slipforming machine in mid-pavement.

As of April 2012, the US 10 expressway was still under construction near Marshfield. Until that opened, US 10 still followed the old route to what was still WIS 13, turning south past the first two photos and awkwardly through the future ending roundabout. Stupid roundabouts, you don't belong at the junction of two four-lane divided highways! The paving machinery seems to have finished its WB run and awaits repositioning to deposit some miles of EB concrete.

Continuing south, the highway will be dualized for the length that it carries US 10, down to where US 10 splits to the west at... another roundabout. At another junction of two four-lane divided highways. Stupid roundabouts! Obviously, the current roadway will become the new NB (US 10 EB) lanes when construction is done.

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