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Airport Spur

Coming out of Mitchell Interchange construction on I-94 (at I-43/I-894), WisDOT apparently decided that they may as well get all of the work done at once. WIS 119 WB was completely closed and the normally 2-lane EB ramp from I-94 EB was down to one lane as extensive reconstruction work took up most of the Airport Spur.

Enjoy the construction, appreciate the button copy. In addition to the WB side being closed, the EB ramp from I-94 WB was also closed, so pretty much everything was a detour in April 2012. There was only one lane open out of the six total that WIS 119 possesses.

Ending with views of the torn-up WB onramp from WIS 38.

Actually, part of the onramp is still there. This is looking west from WIS 38 across from the WIS 119 WB offramp.

This is what happens exiting the airport when you close the only route out. I think the intent of separating the two directions of I-94 was to get Chicago and Milwaukee/Madison traffic away from each other, even though it clutters an already impossibly busy sign. I have now fulfilled my button copy quota for this page.

Some of the ramp signs set up to get people through it all, plus the WIS 38 shield that was already there and has weathered the storm as best it can. With this much construction, the contractor got distracted and failed to achieve any kind of consistency between assemblies. Then again, if they got it all perfect, why would I bother taking a picture?

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