Wisconsin Roads - US 8

US 8

All photos are eastbound.

Rustic Roads are common, just meaning the road travels through the back country. A County "I" shield without a serif, though, that's rare.

South Branch of what now? It's not dirty, but it doesn't make sense, either. The Peme Bon Won River is not named by Chinese French natives, but it has some elements of different cultures. "Peme" is indeed Native American, from the word for "crooked river" (peam-ah-wan-seba). They could have stopped there and named this the Pemewonsiba River, but no, the settlers decided it was a good river, and not bothering to ask how to say "good" in the local language, they stole "bon" from the French. As for Won, it has nothing to do with the Chinese currency. The etymology I read says it's a corruption of the English "one," just to fit with "Bon," but could they have mangled English itself that badly? Either it's one good river, or it's a winningly good river. Fast fact: the town name Pembine is named after this river, and actually is a perfectly mellifluous name given its cacaphonous origin.

Possibly Series F on the first US 8 shield. My windshield didn't want me to confirm.

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