Wisconsin Roads - US 45/WIS 52

US 45, 45/WIS 52

US 45 follows the Zoo Freeway even after I-894 gives up and ends. Both photos are NB, with the second on the Exit 40 ramp to Watertown Plank Rd. It's not a great photo, but the sign is quite old.

I have nothing to say here that wasn't said on the US 41 and WIS 100 pages. Here are some shields, the first photo being on the first offramp north of the US 41/45 merge.

NB through Antigo with a sizable posse. It appears that since that time, WIS 64 has chosen to bypass the town on a new road to the west, so it no longer shares in the fun with the others. Look closely at the last photo and you'll see that everyone is a unisign pretender except for WIS 52, which legitimately has the directional banner tied to the shield and arrow.

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