Wisconsin Roads - US 41/WIS 32

US 41, 41/WIS 32

Awkwardly angled turn at Lisbon Ave., Milwaukee.

US 41 then enters a freeway stub by Washington Park, which continues south to Miller Park along WIS 341. It was also supposed to continue north to tie into the WIS 145 freeway with a junction for the unbuilt Park Freeway (a northern loop around downtown to I-794).

Despite the incomplete freeway, US 41 does find its way onto US 45 and then continues the freeway to Green Bay. Both photos were taken on the WIS 145 ramp, with the second photo looking up at the mainline.

Speaking of Green Bay, I've just vaulted myself all the way up to Exit 163, following SB median construction past Exit 161 as part of the conversion of US 41 to I-41 (don't blame me for the number, I would have chosen anything else). At one time, the divided US 41 ended at Exit 163 and joined WIS 32 through Green Bay.

If you like button copy, stick to I-43 when you visit Green Bay. This is the only such sign I found off of that freeway. Squint and you can see the remains of the single button copy down arrow on the pull-through sign, replaced by entirely the wrong sort of arrows.

Farther north, Exit 169 is under heavy reconstruction to widen the overpass and upgrade everything about the interchange, including the unfortunate installation of roundabouts (the road really needs traffic signals with multi-lane approaches). It's related to I-41, but also justified by the growth and traffic in Green Bay. These photos head SB from where WIS 32 will leave the freeway, with both directions of US 41 on what will become the SB side alone.

More views of Exit 169 construction, from Lambeau St. SB on the west side of US 41/WIS 32. This gives you a better view of the SB offramp construction and the future gantry supports.

US 41 sheds US 141. I'm not sure which shield is missing from the Velp Ave. exit, but one that would fit nicely is CTH HS, which follows Velp to the west. I also really like the word Velp.

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