Wisconsin Roads - US 151

US 61/151 SB across the Mississippi River to Dubuque, IA, with views to the north (pretty islands) and south (US 20 bridge from Iowa-Illinois - that's how close Wisconsin is to ending).

SB in Madison from Aberg Ave. (which becomes WIS 113) to Blair St. at John Nolen Drive past the Capitol. US 151 actually loses its view of the Capitol once you get much closer than 2-3 miles out.

In both directions, the shields are on both sides of the road (median and right shoulder).

They shot the sign designer after this and sent him to the glue factory. I have problems with Wis lacking either all caps or a period, the misalignment of "West" over I-90 and I-94, wide kerning between the directional letters, the lack of black border on the Exit Only panel (a common WIS occurrence), the wrong kind of arrow on the wrong part of the Exit 97A sign (should be inside the Exit Only panel)... there are more, but I'll let you try to find them. Start your search in the upper right corner of the two signs.

SB in the same location, where US 151 meets one of the only Interstate triplexes in the nation, first photo courtesy Scott Colbert. The ugly shields are similar to those on the Interstates at the same junction and at far too many locations throughout Wisconsin. (Hopefully that's one of the errors you found in the last caption, along with the too-narrow borders on the shields. All the same problems are repeated here.)

Courtesy Scott Colbert, this is or at least was on Dane CTH N as a trial to harken back to days of yore, something that California does successfully with its similar-looking (but cutout) US shields, and RIDOT fails miserably at.

Jumping up to Manitowoc, heading SB. No errors here, just some nicely aging old signs.

Carferry looks like the name of a Nova Scotia town needing translation from Gaelic (it's actually what takes US 10 to Michigan). This direction doesn't start off so well, between that (albeit on old signs) and forgetting about Business WIS 42. CTH CR (Dewey St.) parallels the east side of I-43 closely until it gets to those towns, but one could also hop on the freeway and get there faster.

Once Business WIS 42 starts getting signed, it doesn't stop, and WisDOT doesn't even make the error of forgetting "Business" once on this former state trunk highway mainline. (Wisconsin likes the word "trunk." It also likes mixing taxidermy and cheese, so I won't argue.) The last two photos in all their woody, "Warning Do Not Steal" glory, are stacked top and bottom at US 10 WB, which is a block over from the END US 151 assembly at US 10 EB.

US 14 and US 151/12/14

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