Wisconsin Roads - US 14/12/151

US 14, (and US 151)

Sadly this Mineral Point Rd. shield (EB in Middleton), courtesy Scott Colbert, is unlikely to be found anymore. Keep reading, maybe there's another somewhere.

US 12 WB sheds US 14 west of Madison, last photo courtesy Scott Colbert.

In fall 2005, WisDOT got busy reconstructing Exit 251. These photos are WB and all courtesy Scott Colbert. When the changes were completed, the button copy was gone in favor of whatever was covered.

Have some EB button copy.

All four routes together on one sign and one road, WB and SB until US 18 and 151 drop off at the Exit 258 ramp and take a lot of the button copy with them. The ramp is so short that the overhead ramp sign is still on the freeway mainline before the gore. Second photo is courtesy Scott Colbert.

The Congregational Church sits behind a very awesome overhead assembly with very awesome shields. University Ave. (into Campus Dr. and back into itself again) is the former route of US 12/14 west of downtown Madison, although these signs are slightly newer than the US 12/14 freeway bypass to the south, dating to the opening of Campus Drive in the late 1960s.

One more sign of the same age, EB at the western end of the split.

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