Wisconsin Roads - US 10

US 10

US 10 wasn't all that was under construction near Marshfield in 2011-2012. This is future WIS 13, Veterans Pkwy., taking shape south to the then-future US 10 expressway.

US 10 not under construction

US 10 construction, Auburndale and east

US 10 construction west of Auburndale

WIS 13 and US 10 construction

Former US 10, Portage County

I could make a Wide Load joke, or just point out that even construction signs are all on one sign panel. This is WB at WIS 186. With WIS 13 recently rerouted via WIS 34 to the east, this sign would no longer make sense, but the reroute was waiting for completion of the US 10 expressway. Until the expressway's completion, US 10 met WIS 13 west of Marshfield and followed it south for a spell. Now, what was 13 became an extension of WIS 80.

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