Wisconsin Roads - Old US 10

Former US 10, Portage County

All photos are westbound.

Old US 10 struggles to establish itself through Stevens Point, ending up first on WIS 66 and then following CTH HH along the Wisconsin River Flowage (a fancy name for a lake).

The peril of stacking all of your shields on one sign is evident when the sign's not fully ready for display. Since I took this photo, WIS 13 has been rerouted up this way to US 10 instead of west along WIS 73 to get to Marshfield, so the signs are now fully uncovered. WisDOT was waiting on the completion of the US 10 expressway up to the newly opened Veterans Parkway (rerouted WIS 13) into Marshfield.

Well, speaking of construction, the US 10 expressway was similarly incomplete in April 2012; old 10 was sliced off at WIS 34 so that US 10 traffic could dump off the freeway directly onto the old route without conflict. But now old US 10, CTH P, is once again open beyond WIS 34 through Milladore.

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