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Miscellaneous Signs

Things that Wisconsin does: One-piece signs, wooden signposts, even wooden signs, and lettered county trunk highways (CTH). The first is on Rock CTH P and the second is on Brown CTH VK EB on the east side of Lambeau Field with a rare three-letter route. I thought VK meant Vince Lombardi (it's on Lombardi Ave. after all), but pretty clearly that would be VL, so I don't get it. Before you suggest it, his middle name was Thomas, not Kevin.

Courtesy Scott Colbert, again showing all banners on a single sign. Maybe county routes don't get directional banners, though. That's not an old WIS 136 shield, just a new one trying to emulate old standards. Look closely at the COUNTY shield, and notice how in WI, the top and bottom borders are thick (in order to square out the shield).

Compare this shield in my collection to Scott's photo to see the obvious difference. The cheese wedge is a little more obvious here.

Old junction marker, WIS 26 SB at WIS 19, courtesy Doug Kerr.

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