Wisconsin Roads - I-94/I-43/US 41

I-94, I-43/94, I-94/US 41

For photos of I-94 with I-90 (and I-39), visit the big link at the bottom of this page.

WisDOT-style shields, WIS 26 SB in Johnson Creek, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Eastbound through the Marquette Interchange, courtesy Doug Kerr. It's under heavy reconstruction to eliminate left ramps and realign everything else. This is why I-94 is down to one lane here; to see more construction, continue on I-794, linked below.

EB in the same place after construction's done. The all-new ramps fly around in all different places than before.

Both of these photos are on I-94 East, but neither mile marker will tell you that. Since they're only 500 feet apart, it's easy to discern that something's amiss, namely that I've just switched from North to South somehow. No, this is all on I-43 South, so the first milemarker is that much more incorrect. The real issue here is that the direction is tied to I-43, but the mile number is tied to I-94. This is a reason I don't like dual-route mile markers. Oh, and by the way, this is also US 41 SB, so make that a third route not even represented at all.

Construction has shifted from the Marquette south to the Mitchell Interchange where I-94 East heads south and I-43 South heads west. No, don't ask, but is it any wonder that WisDOT accidentally signs I-43 as East on the construction sign? It's also odd that the permanent sign (which is missing a black border on the bottom, but shhh) doesn't give I-43 a direction at all, just a destination. Maybe because Milwaukeeans know that Chicago's to the south, so using the word "South" would mislead them to take the wrong fork at the interchange? Isn't that what the word "Chicago" is for? (Okay, there's also Racine-Kenosha as a potential destination.)

You know it's a substantial widening when both sides of the road fit into one side of the future road. There will be decorative gantries to hold signs that still don't tell you which direction you're going, but I'm resigned to accept the best I can get in that regard. Blame AASHTO for trying to shoehorn I-94 across to Michigan instead of numbering that highway I-92 and leaving them discontinuous.

All remaining photos are courtesy Doug Kerr.

Westbound at the Airport Freeway, which combines with US 45 (the also-unimaginatively named Zoo Freeway) to make a great Marquette Interchange bypass; traffic can continue west from 45 there, or follow US 41 further north to parallel I-43 up to Green Bay. WisDOT really means business with those excessive pavement markings, intended to visually narrow the lanes to get people to slow down that much more.

Destinations would be helpful. Cardinal directions don't matter all that much on these signs; they're better placed at the surface where people actually make that choice.

Q. And then it's not even signed at the top of the exit. Instead, for some really odd reason, the frontage road is signed. With a shield.... From the patented Dept. of Redundancy Dept., ALT US 41/I-94 is in fact just the frontage road, 120th Ave.

The road out of the rest area splits onto I-94 WB/US 41 NB and the Exit 347 ramp; this thus connects to the second photo above as a different possible sign progression. More cute frontage road shieldness.

At the base of the ramp into the rest area, which obviously has a stop sign on the other side. I've seen DNE signs painted on the reverse of STOP signs, but it's pretty strange to cut a separate sign to the same shape.

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