Wisconsin Roads - I-894/I-43

I-894 and I-43/894

It's bad form to start with the end of the route, but this is my only photo from the part of I-894 that's not concurrent with I-43. The only other route here for now is US 45 NB, though that will soon change with the promise of I-41 coming up the US 41 corridor. At that point, I-894 will be completely superfluous.

Exit numbers follow I-894 even though I-43 ought to be the dominant route. I-894 is also too new to get a faded sign of any kind, so it's even less explicable why it wins out over 43. It seems that Exit 8A-B is the combined form of the former Exits 8A and 8B, but it would be a lot less confusing to say Exit 8 than to imply that opposite-direction exits both lead to the same place.

Switching directions, and showing that I-894 dominates in one other category - milemarkers. It gets top position and steals the direction away from I-43 South. Bring me in and let me run the show!

Passing through Mitchell Interchange construction from I-894 EB/I-43 NB (may as well list them in WisDOT's preferred order) to I-94 EB/US 41 SB. See that "TUNNEL 1" sign in the second photo? Yes, there will be a tunnel here, for the EB-NB flyunder ramp (also the I-43 mainline). The new overpasses in the 4th photo will help keep I-94 EB traffic separate for Exit 317/Layton Ave. (first overpass) and Exit 318/WIS 119 (second overpass). That means that I-894/I-43 traffic won't have Layton Ave. access (no problem, just use Exit 9), but it eliminates all manner of weaving for the next couple of exits along I-94 (a great benefit).

A different view of the same construction, I-43 SB leaving I-94 EB (undergoing some serious widening to the north) and US 41 SB (not EB), and heading down to join newly minted I-894 WB. You can see the future 43 NB tunnel taking shape in the last photo.

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