Wisconsin Roads - Marathon CTH N

Marathon CTH N

NB among construction along Rib Mountain Dr. in Wausau, widening CTH N to four lanes. It's bolted, so it's permanent.

Looking northeast from the Lake Wausau bridge, this just looks like a pile of rocks in front of some houses, but I'll soon show you why it's important.

Pretend I just went swimming, so here I am climbing up the bank. I'll go so far as to call this an abutment, since clearly there's a road perched on top.

11th Ave. ends in a nondescript cul-de-sac, except instead of the usual bulb ending, this one sorta makes like it's going to drive straight over the lake. Well, that's exactly what used to happen, as this was CTH N continuing straight across the lake in the third photo on McCleary Bridge to meet the road that now curves to the new bridge to the west. From here north, CTH H followed 11th Ave. up to Thomas St., where there's an improved intersection out of keeping with a residential street, and then jogged west to meet its current 17th Ave. alignment.

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