Wisconsin Roads - Walworth CTH H/old US 12

Walworth CTH H, former US 12

This Genoa City bank dates to 1921. At this corner, CTH H/former US 12 WB turns right, and CTH B begins to the left. Decades ago, the through road to Walworth was straight ahead, but a new bridge over North Branch Nippersink Creek connected CTH B to Main St., a block to the south, instead.

Older WB signs heading into Genoa City. Could either of these have once been on US 12?

US 12 WB bears right onto the eastern freeway segment in Wisconsin, but Illinois never agreed to build its part, so there's a stub just ahead as CTH H WB begins. (The generally accepted reason is that it would have taken some traffic away from the Northwest Tollway, I-90.)

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