Wisconsin Roads - Cedarburg Covered Br.

Cedarburg Covered Bridge

It's not the only covered bridge in Wisconsin, but the only one left from the era when they were built as bridges instead of ornaments. The name is technically just Covered Bridge, which fits because there are no other genuine ones in the state, but it's still really lame.

Passing by on Covered Bridge Rd. (more imagination lacking) NB. Another historical name for this crossing was Red Bridge, but that clearly doesn't fit so well anymore.

Covered Bridge Rd. SB.

Walking north across the bridge, which was the mainline of the road until not too long ago.

Southward-facing views, but I seem to have missed the bridge entrance somehow and ended up beneath.

Looking east along Cedar Creek from the bridge onward. Eat your heart out, Monet.

Looking back west.

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