Washington Roads - WA 99/old US 99

, former US 99

WA 99 is the largest remaining piece of former US 99, which is also responsible for BC 99 in Canada that now connects directly into I-5. 99 doesn't do much anymore besides be a freeway, expressway, and general arterial in the Seattle-Tacoma area, which is no small potatoes. The freeway's really cool though, an old bi-level six-lane viaduct with some really old signs that was transformed into a tunnel in the 2010s. You'll want to check out the Alaskan Way page below.

South of Alaskan Way

Alaskan Way viaduct

North of Alaskan Way

WA 599 is a freeway connector from I-5 to WA 99 south of Seattle (hence the number) and the main alternate to I-5 from southern suburbs and cities into downtown. Here it ends and magically becomes WA 99. WA 99 used to head south at this exit but the shield was removed when the route was decommissioned south through Tukwila to WA 518.

Old WA/US 99
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