Washington Roads - WA 900

The beginning of the route, Martin Luther King, Jr. Way SB at Boeing Access Rd. The I-5 shields should have green backgrounds, all of them should have the proper down arrows (see the last photo on this page - but then come back up here), and the reassurance marker ought to be a separate assembly like the first photo atop the page, not the second. Clearly Washington will do either.

Heading into downtown Renton on 3rd St., WA 900 EB. Williams Ave. is one-way SB, so while the right side of the intersection has a (8") green ball, the left side has a (12") green straight arrow. This isn't really how it's supposed to be, but I'll allow for the round signal heads and random 8" yellow light.

The signal and sign supports aren't the only old things at the intersection. #800 3rd St. sits on the northeast corner and dates to 1910.

Another 2-digit shield is overhead at Main St., and then WA 900 EB rejoins the WB side to cross the Cedar River. The Bronson Way Bridge dates to 1940 and you know it's Art Deco from the lights on all corners.

This and the shield before the bridge are the "old guard" route shield assemblies, from back when WSDOT did individual signs instead of all on one sign (see the first photo on this page - but then come back down here).

My page goes westbound for once, though the signs would have you believe that WA 900 briefly becomes southbound. They would also have you believe in stretched 2-digit shields for a 3-digit route, so don't trust them.

I am on Sunset Blvd. NE and this is 12th St. NE, still in Renton.

End of the route, everybody off. WA 900 is numbered as the first offshoot of I-90, so this is good, but the sign on the right should be extended over the HOV lane with the arrow centered overhead. It's due for a replacement anyway.

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