Washington Roads - WA 7

At top: the first SB shield on the route. Here: the last NB shield. I don't think the average motorist cares whether your route ends in 800 feet. Just say "end" here.

From back before I had a good camera, WA 7 NB at the beginning of WA 508 just north of US 12, and then you can see a 7... and a Tacoma. Trust me, this is the beginning of WA 706.

Back up where I started, the first bridge WA 7 SB passes under is... well, itself, since it has to get under WA 7 NB in the convoluted I-5/I-705 interchange. But the impressive one above all that is the 1937 34th St. Bridge.

Past that, the freeway is just one lane on what was clearly meant for two, and then it just ends with there being a clear stub. WA 7 would have continued to follow the railroad that's been in its median thus far, though it's unknown if it would have straddled the whole way or gotten both carriageways on the same side. It would have diverged in Midland and gone to an undeveloped parcel along WA 512 that is the size and shape of an interchange with a clearing straight down the middle to 112th St. E. From there, it was planned to head south to the WA 7/WA 507 junction.

Views of the stub from the overcrossing 38th St.

The NB ramp from 38th St. EB loops onto the freeway alignment and gradually grows into 2 lanes. As you can see from the 45 mph curve warning, this would not have been to modern freeway standards and was not intended as an Interstate.

Continuing back to the end of the road, some incorrect I-705 shields and the other direction of the 34th St. Bridge. I'll take narrow shields (paired on the left and right sides of the road) any day over bubble shields.

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