Washington Roads - WA 529/old US 99

WA 529, former US 99

All photos are northbound.

This page highlights three consecutive bridges along WA 529 that date to when this was US 99. The first two are a short truss over the railroad and a longer series of trusses over the Snohomish River. Here, the original 1927 bridges are northbound (yay) while they were twinned SB in 1954.

Across the railroad truss to the river bridge.

Looking west at the north approach to the 1954 SB bridge.

By the time I get to the next major channel of the river (Steamboat Slough), the old roadway has switched sides so that the NB bridge dates to 1954 and SB dates to 1927. There's also a parallel railroad truss to the west, the pointier of the two bridges featured in these photos.

Across the northbound Steamboat Slough bridge, stealing a glance at the original SB bridge.

Even during construction, highway shields should be white.

The highway bridges are done, but there's one more railroad truss, across Ebey Slough, the northernmost channel ofthe Snohomish.

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