Washington Roads - WA 513

WA 513

These are on the northeast corner of Lake Washington Blvd. as it meets Montlake Blvd., the southern end of WA 513. There is definitely some Seattle special font going on.

WA 513 SB comes to an end at WA 520, which does continue west despite signage. Besides I-5, it has a ramp to Roanoke St., so really this should say WEST 520 TO 5.

Heading north across the 1925 Montlake Bridge, built on piers and abutments laid in 1914 with the construction of the Ship Canal it crosses.

Back south featuring a sign at least half as old as the bridge.

Not 100% certain who this detour is for, maybe Walla Walla Blvd. WB which no longer has a left turn onto WA 513 across the bridge. In that case, that's a permanent configuration, so "Detour" arrows are not appropriate. I would also note that green background shields are not appropriate, and most definitely not green numerals. (Further note that the green numerals' shield is slightly different than the others.) These three signs together define the clockwise triangle of Pacific St. WB, Pacific Pl. EB, and Montlake Blvd./WA 513 SB.

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