Washington Roads - WA 512

100th St. EB in Lakewood ends at Tacoma Way. A block to the south, the feeder into WA 512 begins at Tacoma Way. This leads to multiple turn lanes and the need for advance assignment starting at Lakewood Ave. There is no left turn onto Tacoma Way, so traffic is being signed onto 40th Ave. to 96th St.

WA 512 WB ends at the west side of the I-5 interchange, where you'll find a guide sign filling in for a gore sign to I-5 SB. Without an arrow, this sign is inconclusive to confusing, which becomes dangerous.

Mt. Rainier is to the southeast and more of the Cascades are ahead to the east.

WA 512 now takes WA 161 off of its old alignment, Meridian St. in Puyallup. WA 512 ends concurrent with WA 161 but this has been left in place, perhaps to keep one number on the entire freeway. Anyway, I like the side-by-side presentation of the first photo and the one-piece sign is amusing, but I prefer the lower number in a multiplex to be listed first as in the second photo.

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