Washington Roads - WA 509

From Puyallup Ave. in Tacoma, these photos look north at the East 21st St. Bridge, the southwestern beginning of WA 509. But wait, there's more! Farther north on City Waterway is the 1911 11th St. Bridge, now known as the Murray Morgan Bridge.

From the East 21st St. Bridge, this photo looks south at the ramp to I-705 SB, which leads to these routes. Obviously this is detouring from elsewhere.

Let's head east across that bridge.

Two types of one-piece signs I encountered on my drive north.

SB through the inactive 176th St. interchange, focusing on the old offramp.

Here's the NB onramp, seen from the SB side. Both ramps were only used for construction access to Sea-Tac Airport for construction of the 16R-34L runway (opened in 2008) and were never open to the public, but the signage is compliant. I guess there wasn't enough neighborhood support for trying to open it up to the west.

WA 509 leaves its freeway and I'm about to leave 509 for 188th St. Can the shield be smaller? The digits in the shield are not up to minimum guide sign standards.

North to the 11th St. Bridge, old WA 509

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