Washington Roads - WA 507/old US 99

WA 507 and former US 99

Before you get too excited, the Oregon Trail didn't use monuments for trailblazing and certainly didn't call itself "old." This is a different Oregon Trail, the one leading south from Seattle, and the stone was put up at Sussex Ave. (WA 507) and Sheridan St. in Tenino in 1906.

First WA 507 curves left and then it turns left, off of the old US 99 alignment that continues on to Grand Mound. Centralia should have remained an afterthought because both ways will lead there. WA 507 is a little more direct but curvier, while US 99 used a straighter western route.

Entering Centralia across the 1928 Skookumchuck River bridge.

Northbound views featuring the bridge stamp and the quite dilapidated plaque. Do not adjust your computer monitor or phone screen, the header beam on each approach really is that wavy from being struck by overheight trucks.

Pearl St., WA 507 SB, at Pine St. in downtown.

Heading north on Tower Ave., WA 507 NB, to First St. by light of rain.

The Sentinel stands watch over the intersection of Main St. (the return of old US 99) and Pearl St. on the southwest corner. It was erected on Armistice Day, 1924 to commemorate the war dead of Centralia. This whole statue was built for four men, and I bet you can see two of them in this closeup.

Centralia Square is just south of The Sentinel and predates it by 4 years. It was the Elks Club grand ballroom and hotel until 1986 and is now commercial.

I find this more interesting than the first photo on the page. Pearl at... Pear. The more things fade, the harder it is to tell these are different streets. A poor job of naming.

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