Washington Roads - WA 505/old US 99

and former US 99

Photos progres southward.

Diverging from old US 99 (Jackson Hwy.) onto older US 99 (Laussier Rd.) just north of Toledo. The road was realigned to favor US 99, but was since re-realigned to cross the WA 505 mainline - so ultimately, they could have left well enough alone, if not for the intervening decades of US 99 being a through route.

Back north on Laussier Rd., still sporting its original white centerline.

Get your history on in Toledo, which takes credit for the founding of Washington and Mt. St. Helens, neither of which occurred in this city.

Looking north across the Cowlitz River as WA 505 croses east out of town.

WA 504 and WA 505 form two legs of a triangle. The third leg is the destination or origination of all the Mt. St. Helens tourists: I-5. WA 505 acts as the cutoff for Toledo and Seattle, while WA 504 continues straight westward to the freeway instead.

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