Washington/Oregon Roads - WA 433/Lewis and Clark Br.

, Lewis and Clark Bridge

The north end of this diminutive route, designated on the Washington side to get traffic from the 1930 bridge to another state highway. Oregon didn't even bother designating a route on the bridge despite having 433 open, maybe because WSDOT maintains the whole thing.

Heading south on Port Way E in Washington doesn't yield a great side view of the bridge, but I do get plenty of underdeck truss on the approaches.

A look back north from the south end of Port Way.

There is a crossover to Port Way W partway up, so I am using that for some different angles. I like trusses and concrete arches, so these bridge supports are everything.

Nowhere left to go but bridge, so here's bridge. These photos make it roughly to the Oregon border and then analyze some steelwork. The first crossbeams have a triangular pattern while the second set has a diamond pattern. I wonder if that marks the state line.

Going a little farther and looking east at the Oregon I'm entering.

An unnumbered downgrade to US 30 awaits.

Head back into Washington by clicking the last image for a video.

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