Washington Roads - WA 432

WA 432

Everything looks a little weird as I head east from WA 433. The horse is appropriately at Western World Farm & Pet. Horses can be both.

Across the Cowlitz River on the 1961 EB bridge, next to the 1973 WB bridge. If you stayed in the left lane, you would find the sign in the last photo at the split between Old Pacific Highway (left) and I-5 NB (right), basically a choice between former US 99 or its replacement. Since there is no guide information being imparted, it should be a warning sign.

A bunch of bridge views from Talley Way SB on the east side of the Cowlitz. In the 3rd and 4th photos, you can see the former roadway alignment come back in from where it was displaced by extension of the runway at SW Washington Regional Airport. There is a railroad bridge in front as I get into the latter photos and one downriver in the distance, leading to a railroad sandwich of WA 432.

Talley Way SB more or less ends at WA 432. There is a planned development ahead between I-5 to the east and the railroad to the west, but it's taking its time getting developed.

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