Washington Roads - WA 4

WA 4

From Kelso Drive (the I-5 NB frontage road) onto the beginning of WA 4, where the next movement is a definitively miscolored shield.

The east end of WA 4 toward Kelso Dr., which becomes Minor Rd. to the left and is, indeed, a minor road.

WA 4 jogs up 5th Ave. from Allen St. to Cowlitz Way, bypassing the old drawbridge on Allen St. for a newer fixed span in 1953.

Here's a northward view of said fixed span from 1st Ave. and an arched concrete approach span.

Let's now drive west across the Cowlitz River on what was originally US 830, appreciating the classic details along the way.

Looking back east, my drive is rewarded with a heavenly arch.

Coming down off the bridge, I have already crossed over WA 411, which follows the river's west bank. Signs direct me back on 5th Ave. NW to Main St., which turns left before reaching 1st Ave./WA 411 and requiring a third left to head north. First of all, WA 411 SB heads south from here as well, so there's no need for a North banner. Second of all, if I'm heading north, doesn't it make more sense to turn right (north), then right on Fishers Lane, and only make one (signalized) left instead of three?

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