Washington Roads - WA 397

WA 397

WA 397 NB, the only spur of US 395 (so why isn't it numbered 390?), in 2013 and courtesy Michael Summa in 1983. The spaces on the original signs may have been anticipating I-182, though that route does not run to the east. US 395 SB now heads west instead of east, and should be on the modern sign; it was rerouted across the Pioneer Memorial Bridge shortly after Michael's photo.

The interesting part of WA 397 is the 1978 Ed Hendler Bridge or "Cable Bridge" (or Intercity Bridge, for that matter) across the Columbia River. Obviously, these photos head south toward Kennewick.

Looking west at the Pioneer Memorial Bridge or "Blue Bridge," built in 1954 but without a highway number until US 395 was switched onto it in 1985.

Various views of the 1906 BNSF railroad bridge to the east, which does not have any nicknames or even name that I could find. The lift span was added in 1954, replacing a swing span.

Some views of the Cable Bridge from East Columbia Dr. and Columbia Park Trail in Kennewick.

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