Washington Roads - WA 3

WA 3 meanders its way through Shelton from Pine St. to Front St., to Railroad Ave., to 1st St., and finally bearing left to follow the Olympic Highway south toward Olympia. It won't make it, since the rest of the route is now covered by US 101.

I don't know if this is a faded old yellow stop sign or a newer white one, and I don't know if this is for cars or trains, since it's in the middle of a rail yard east of WA 3 on the south side of Goldsborough Creek.

SB and the two NB sides of the 1924 Goldsborough Creek bridge.

Back north along Front St. The first photo looks east from there on Railroad Ave.

SB, an odd way to sign a junction as a warning instead of a guide sign. EB, WA 300 ends at a sign with tiny numerals.

SB past WA 16 the week before Halloween, hence the spider.

WA 3 upgrades to a freeway as it goes past Bremerton and spawns WA 304 heading north.

The end of WA 310 WB features a shield plastered on an overpass where it's difficult to spot even when reflective and the suggestion for bikes to use the freeway. (Actually, Auto Center Way leads to the onramp and is bike-friendly past there.)

The only Series E shield I spotted on the route.

Silverdale Way, old WA 3, southbound at WA 308 and then Randall Way in Silverdale.

I'm not sure this is the friendliest way to greet tourists.

Continuing north on what's now known as Viking Ave. gets you the stub end of old WA 3 where the modern freeway ends and ties back into the old alignment.

Back south to WA 305.

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