Washington Roads - WA 285

WA 285, former US 2

Looking north at the first part of WA 285, the Senator George Sellar Bridge. It was built in 1950 to carry US 2, and only became WA 285 in 1975 when the Olds Station Bridge (current US 2/US 97) opened north of town.

WA 285 SB over the Columbia River on the Sellar Bridge.

SB near Ferry St., which is the first left while WA 285 makes the second left. The VMS/BGS combo is new but I don't understand why there's a greenout. All it's covering is "No Trucks", "Trucks OK", and two left curve arrows. That seems pretty straightforward. I also don't understand why this sign needs a VMS at all, since all it seems to ever display is "South 285 - East Wenatchee." It's not like there's a draw span that might open.

One photo gave me three images, SB past Orondo Ave.

Like old signs? Pay your fair share to the Wenatchee Valley Museum and you'll find this ancient crossbucks. Click for $5 worth of closeup.

First the center lane is for left turns, but then strange things happen at Maple St. Two SB lanes become three as the left lane splits in two. There's also the beginning of a median curb and a left-turn lane. A lot is going on here that can't be captured in a single sign, and this sign does its best to convey nothing useful. It almost looks like I'm on a 2-lane road and the NB direction has 2 lanes south of here.

NB over the 1935 Wenatchee River bridge that once carried both directions of US 2.

Now on the 1954 SB twin span, looking east at a railroad truss that's the last bridge before the Columbia River.

There's also a truss to the west, carrying a pipeline.

Let's close with a faraway arch bridge taking Eastmont Ave. over Canyon B on the east side of the Columbia River. This bridge was replaced later in 2013 and is still an open-spandrel concrete arch, just a much newer one.

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