Washington Roads - WA 240

WA 240 EB turns at Stevens Rd. and will now head southwest. It is not just the East WA 240 truck route. It is East WA 240.

Various shield styles for WA 240 and narrow shields for I-182, EB. I'm guessing Pendleton covered Umatilla or Hermiston, which are where I-82 enters Oregon and then ends at I-84.

George Washington Way SB, which becomes the eastern/freeway leg of WA 240 after a very brief I-182 concurrency. I-182 from here west just gets signed to I-82 (or "I-82 TO" for reasons unknown) despite having 2 more interchanges before then. No love for the only 3-digit 82 child.

As the WA 240 WB freeway ends across the Yakima River, it's accompanied by an old railroad bridge to the southwest.

Columbia Center Blvd. NB in Kennewick, then Columbia Park Trail WB. Click on the latter for closeup.

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