Washington Roads - WA 223

WA 223

None of these photos are actually on WA 223.

Yakima Valley Highway, former US 12, WB approaching Van Belle Rd. There is a possibility this sign predates the I-82 freeway that was completed to Granger in 1982. Though I would have expected button copy at that age, I can't think why else a large guide sign would be erected on what became a frontage road. Click to see every rivet up close.

This sign must date to 1982. I gather that the freeway was signed as US 12 to start and later patched over for I-82. I don't gather the issue with the left arrow at bottom. Was this sign posted in a different location at some point (Van Belle Rd. WB)?

Finally, this is WB right about where WA 223 begins - either at the ramp itself or the freeway centerline. But the sign is before the ramp.

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