Washington Roads - WA 167

As WA 167 begins out of I-5, it passes this railroad truss to the northeast across the Puyallup River. I'll eventually cross it myself, but first WA 167 NB is going to run in the wrong direction (southeast) because it's scared of water.

WA 167 SB ends on the outskirts of Tacoma. Both signs are on the same gantry and the truss is on the same railroad, this time crossing tracks on the south side of the river.

Heading "NB"/southeast past the 1931 Milroy Bridge, backed by the Cascades.

In its last year, I cross the original 1925 Puyallup River bridge that used to also be WA 161. A year after my crossing (2015) it will be dismantled, moved to the north shore, offered for sale, and then essentially abandoned in place (2019) due to lack of interest. Go see it while you can.

Views from 4th St. NE, which passes under the south side of the bridge and ends in a parking lot.

Views from the NB ramp to Levee Rd., which crosses west under the north side of the bridge. In the last two photos, looking east and southeast, you can see the new NB span taking form between the newer (1971) SB side and the original truss, which was moved offline to the east to maintain the ultimate roadway alignment.

Once WA 167 gets on the freeway, and especially once it sheds WA 161 onto WA 512, signage gets boring. This is all I've got, a bubble shield and the incorrect specs for lower case letters. They should be 3/4 of the upper case text height, but if the manufacturer specifies 3/4 text height for the lower case, they come out 9/16 size. As a designer, this is why I only specify upper case heights!

Signage in 2004, since replaced, as the NB lanes meet their doom at I-405, the eastern freeway bypass of Seattle for I-5 through traffic. WA 167 continues as a surface road to WA 900, but that's not really living.

WA 161 and WA 167/161

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